How to customize electronic portrait?

First of all, you are required to provide a high-definition pet photo when paying, and then we will paint you a portrait according to the photo you provide and your requirements.

When will it be submitted?

We will deliver the manuscript in about 2-3 days. If the portrait requirements are more complicated, the time needs to be extended.

If the picture is not satisfactory, can it be modified?

When we submit the first draft, if you are not satisfied, you can propose revisions, and we will make revisions according to your requirements; however, after coloring, you cannot make major changes, only minor changes, and you cannot change pictures and styles in the middle ; In order to save your time, please make your suggestion one at a time;

About the background color of the portrait.

If the background color you want is not in our options, you can remark the color you want when submitting the order or contact us via email  hotsharees@outlook.com!

About fonts.

If the font you want is not in our options, you can remark the font you want and the words you want to write when submitting the order, or contact us via email  hotsharees@outlook.com!

About refund

Customized products cannot be sold twice. Each painting is the painstaking effort of the artist. After the drawing is released, no exchange of pictures and refunds are accepted. Thank you for every friend who respects the artist!

I haven't received my line draft yet?

Our artists usually take 2-3 days to create your artwork and email you the line art. However, during peak times, it can take up to 5 days or so. If you still have any questions, you can contact us at  hotsharees@outlook.com.

Can more than one pet be in the same portrait?


Can you draw people?


Can you draw pictures of people and pets?


I have other requirements for the portrait?

If you have other special requirements for portraits, you can contact us at  hotsharees@outlook.com!